Tagging and Pricing Information

Pricing Guide and Tips

As a general rule you will want to price items at about 1/4 to 1/3 of their original retail price.

The exception to the 1/4 – 1/3 rule will be indoor/outdoor toys like kitchens and playhouses (Little Tykes type items). These types of toys are in higher demand and you can expect to get as much as 1/3-1/2 of original retail price, especially if they have only been used indoors and are in great condition.

If you are unsure of the value of certain items we suggest checking out eBay or Craigslist to comparison shop for prices of items similar to yours.

See the guideline for ideas on how to price your items. These are good estimates based on what similar items are selling for in our area.

Tagging Instructions

All items must be tagged using our barcoded tagging system. All tags MUST be printed on WHITE card stock paper in order for the barcode to be read. We will be unable to accept any tags that are handwritten or printed on colored paper.  Card stock paper (65lb or 67lb) is recommended as regular paper tags can rip and become separated from items during the sale.

Below are the fields you will find when you enter your items online:

CONSIGNOR NUMBER: You will receive your Consignor Number when you first register.  You will select a password.  The system will automatically print your consignor number on all of your tags.

CATEGORY: Choose the department for your item. EXAMPLE: Boys Clothes, Girls Clothes, Toys, Books, Baby Equipment, etc.

SIZE: Please follow these guidelines when choosing a size for your items.  Size categories are:
CLOTHES: Preemie, Newborn, 0-3 mos., 3 mos., 3-6 mos., 6 mos., 6-12 mos., 9 mos., 12 mos., 12-18 mos., 18 mos., 18-24 mos., 24 mos., 2T, 3T, 4T, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16.

If children’s clothing has a letter size, for example, Med., please use the number for that size, which in this case would be 8.  Do not use letter sizes for children’s clothing in sizes newborn to 16, only for Maternity and Teens.

MATERNITY: XS, S, M, L, or XL should only be used for maternity clothes.
NOTE: For teen sizes, please select the size closest to the size (XS, S, M, L and XL).

If a size is a range, use the lower size. (Example: size 3 mos., will be placed on the racks with size 0-3 mos., etc.)
If items do not have a size (books, DVDs, baby equipment), you should select “Leave Blank” from the drop down menu.

DESCRIPTION LINES 1 & 2: This should be a short, accurate description of your item so it can be identified quickly. We will be able to search this field when we have an item that is missing a tag and be able to credit the consignor at the time of purchase. Be sure to include the brand and item name; bring selling points to the buyer’s attention (NWT, Never worn, etc.).  There is a 24 character limit for each line.
LINE 1 EXAMPLE: Gap Jeans, Graco Swing, Stride Rite boots, McLaren Stroller, etc.
LINE 2 EXAMPLE: Pink floral dress, New with tags!, Adjustable waist, Reversible vest,
Retails for $50, Red rain boots, Only used twice, etc.
Keep in mind that we will be using the Title & Description fields to help match up items missing tags to the correct consignor so they receive credit at the time the item is being sold. Make sure your Title & Description work together to help us accomplish that task should your item lose its tag.

PRICE: The minimum price for an item is $2.00 (as of January 2020).  Items must be priced in .50 increments (i.e. $4.50, $7.00, $8.50). You may bundle items together to sell for the price of $2.00 for the bundle. Enter whole dollar amounts with two decimal places (i.e. 20.00; 5.00; 4.50, etc.).

DONATE: Check this box if you want to donate an item that does not sell during the sale.

DISCOUNT: Check this box if you want your item included in our Half-Price Sale.

Attaching Tags

CLOTHING TAG PLACEMENT: Tags for clothing and other similar items should be attached as follows:

Tags attached with a tagging gun can be attached to the inside “tag” on a garment (in the neck area) or through the left underarm seam of a garment to avoid damage.

SAFETY PINS: Safety pins should be at least 1 inch long (Do not use straight pins).
Punch a hole on either side of the phrase “pin here” which will appear at the top of your tag. Don’t punch holes too close to the top of the tag otherwise the tag will tear away from the safety pin and item too easily.  Tags should be attached in the brand label at the neck of the shirt or waist of the pants. If item is tagless, then pin to the upper right corner of the item (when you’re looking at the garment. For shirts, this is the shoulder area.

TAGGING GUNS: Tagging guns can be used to attach tags to clothing instead of safety pins. Tags can be attached to the inside “tag” on a garment (at the neck or back of waistband for pants) or through the left underarm seam of the garment to avoid damage.  You should NEVER tag through the front or shoulder of the clothing as this will make holes in the garment.

Tagging guns and supplies can be purchased online from sites such as eBay or Amazon.  You should expect to pay between $12-$20 for a decent tagging gun.

Cape Kids’ Treasures also has a limited supply for sale.  Please inquire if interested.

HANGING ITEMS: All items must be hung so that the clothing hanger is facing left so that it resembles a question mark (?). This way our shopper will see the front of your garment and not the back of it when shopping.

Attach tags and keep shoes together using “zip” ties, ribbon or string.  For shoes that cannot be zip-tied, such as ballet flats or clogs, use a rubber band to hold the shoes together with the soles facing each other and attach tag to the inside footbed of one of the shoes.

Please do not put shoes in Ziploc bags.

Tags can be attached to these items with tape providing that removing the tape will not cause damage to the item. We reserve the right to discount any item damaged by tape removal.
Do not tape over the bar code on your tags, the scanner will not be able to read your tag if tape covering the barcode.  For paperback books, you may want to tape tags to the inside cover or use blue painter’s tape to attach to the outside cover of the book.

Baby Equipment/Furniture/Other Items
Tags should be attached in a secure manner with cording, string, tape, nylon cable or “zip” ties (cable or zip ties can be purchased at any hardware store. Home Depot sells a package of 100 – 8” cable ties for around $3.95). Keep in mind that we will need to remove the tag at check out so make sure it will not cause damage to the item.

Preparation Guideline and Tips

We DEPEND on you, the seller, to screen your items appropriately and maintain our high standards by observing the following guidelines and requirements.  We cannot stress enough how much the appearance of your items can impress a buyer and increase your sales.
Clothes that are clean and smell fresh will always sell better. IRON your clothing. You will be surprised how much newer it will look. We will not accept clothing that looks like it just came out of a garbage sack in your attic. No one will want to buy it.

• All items must be clean, free from stains or odors and not outdated
• No holes or missing snaps/buttons
• All buttons should be buttoned, all snaps snapped, all zippers zipped and bows should be tied
• Secure your clothes on the hanger, just as you would see in a retail store
• Toys & equipment must be clean and complete, no missing parts please
• All toys and equipment must be in working order and any that require batteries must have working batteries intact.Toy must not have any missing parts. Broken, over-used, worn out, chewed on, or low end items will not be permitted.
• All nursery furniture should be in great condition.
• You must be prepared to assemble or bring assembled any large items (high chairs, playhouses, etc.)
• No recalled items will be accepted. You are responsible for checking your items for any recalls. Recalls can be checked at either of these sites – www,wemakeitsafer.com and www.recalls.gov


Clothing MUST be in excellent condition, on hangers, pressed and ready to sell.
Press wrinkles, iron collars, cuffs and don’t forget about those appliqués & ribbons. Zip, button and snap everything to present a neat appearance.

Put together matching outfits. The obvious thought here is to sell outfits the way you received them but you can also pair together clothing you purchased separately. If the colors/styles match, you may be more likely to sell the set because the buyer does not have to worry about finding something to match. It is fine to mix and match brands, please be sure to check sizes before pairing together.

Use the description field on tags to “sell” your item. Note a higher end brand or special feature (glow in the dark, adjustable waistband, reversible, etc.).

How to hang outfits and pants on wire hangers
(If wire hangers are all you have on hand, that’s fine.  Otherwise, any plastic hangers work too.)

Some of you may have questions on how to hang outfits and pants when all you have is regular hangers. So, here’s how you do it with wire hangers and large safety pins.
1) Make sure your hanger is facing the left so it looks like a question mark (?).
2) Hang your top.
3) Flip the hanger over and pin bottom garment to the “shoulder” of the hanger, pinning through the top garment is okay. For just pants, pin the “hipbone” area of the pant/skirt/shorts/ to the “shoulder” of the hanger. This way the garment lays flat on the hanger and will not “slide” to the side of the hanger during the sale.

• Shoes will need to be in new to next to new condition to sell. Shoppers are very picky when it comes to footwear.
• Shoes need to be attached. Use zip ties, ribbon or string to keep shoes together; do not tie laces together.
• Tie the laces neatly, buckle the buckles and clean out the Velcro to make the shoes look nice.
• Cleaning Tip for Crocs- use 9 parts water to 1 part bleach. Soak shoes for 5 minutes, rub with a soft cloth and rinse. You will be amazed at how clean your old Crocs look.

• Clean, wash or wipe down every toy you bring.  That alone can make a big difference.
• The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a GREAT tool for cleaning plastic toys.
• WD-40 will remove crayon marks with ease.
• All toys that require batteries must have working ones loaded inside.
• Check puzzles, games and anything with accessories to guarantee they are complete.
• Secure all accessories or loose pieces (including puzzles) in a clear plastic Ziploc bag and TAPE the bag shut with shipping tape to prevent children from opening and scattering pieces.  You can also Saran wrap your puzzle to secure pieces from falling out, then tape the wrap in the back to seal.
• Mark all bagged accessories with your consignor number in the event it is separated from the larger toys.
• Also, mark your consignor number on the body of all of your toys using masking tape. Do the same with any bagged accessories. This will help us to identify the owner of tags and/or accessories that inevitably become separated from the toys.
• For higher end or electronic items, include the instruction booklet if you have it.  If you can find a picture from a catalog/website stating the price, attach it to the item noting “Retails for” or “Price when purchased”.

Books and dvds sell well when they are sold as sets. Consider putting 3-4 Dr. Seuss or Little Bear books together in a bag and pricing accordingly. Tags can be attached to
books, DVDs, CDs, etc., with tape as long as it will not cause damage to the item when the tag is removed.  For paperback books, you may want to tape the tag to the inside cover. We will be forced to discount any item that is damaged due to tag removal.

Infant Equipment/Furniture
All furniture and equipment MUST be checked for recalls.  Recalls can be checked at www.cpsc.gov and www.recalls.gov.

It goes without saying that all items should be wiped down clean and free of any dirt or
debris. If it requires batteries, make sure it the item has them. A 3-speed swing with no
batteries will never sell because the shopper has no way of knowing if it even works.
Both equipment and furniture are very popular items and do well at consignment sales if
they are presented well. With these types of items the more information you can provide
a buyer the better. If your item is a higher end brand or has special features, note these
on the card. Better yet, if you can find a brochure or picture from a website stating the price, attach it to the piece noting “Retails for” or “Price when purchased”. Always attach the original instruction booklet and/or warranty information whenever possible.
Please note that you will be required to assemble anything that requires set-up. Examples
include: bassinets, port-a-cribs, changing tables, swings, slides etc.

Donated Items
Currently, all donations go to A Baby Center, Cradles to Crayons and other non-profit organizations such as local elementary schools.  However, Cape Kids’ Treasures reserves the right to allocate some donated items to other charities. All donated items will go to a charity. Cape Kids’ Treasures will never profit from your donated items.  Cape Kids’ Treasures reserves the right to disposed of any item that is marked for donation but does not meet our standards.

Preparing for Future Sales
Prepare ahead for the next consignment season.  A good tip we can give is to prepare your items throughout the year a little at a time.
Find a spot in your home for your consignment items: the back of a closet, an extra rod in your laundry room, a storage bin in your basement, etc., any place where you can put aside items you come across that you want to consign.
• Sort as you do laundry. When you find clothing still in great condition but your child has outgrown it, put it on a hanger in your spot or bin. It is clean, so may just need to be ironed to be ready to go.
• Sort as you clean. When you find a toy, book, or anything your child has outgrown just put it in your storage bin or spot. If you use storage bins make sure they are not the “see through” type – a child never wants a toy more than when they think you are going to get rid of it!
• Sort when you switch closets over season to season.

This way all of your items are prepared and ready to be tagged when you are!

Busy Mom Program

Do you want to consign with us but feel like you don’t have time to enter, tag and process your items?  We can do it for you!

Contact us for a spot at info@capekidstreasures.com.  Please connect with us to secure a spot BEFORE you register to consign. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis and fills up fast!


Busy Mom Program Guidelines